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Quanzhou Tengbo Sanitary Ware Development Co., Ltd.
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Quanzhou Tengbo Plumbing Development Co. , Ltd Founded in the former twenty-first century , Tengbo is healthful ware manufacturer which braided connection hose Ownly , assemble faucet by production line . located in Fujian , China.With right faith as a benchmark , a sense of responsibility , incontrovertible to serve the people , bring people better quality of life for enjoy ; Because of this faith , Tengbo in the develop chop-chop in the retiring few years . forthwith , we have Set sales representative in regions of China and Southeast Asia successfully . `` The rattling beginning mind itself is the most complete mind of rightful enlightenment"is TengBos code of conduct in immediately and succeeding .. - `` Pentium endless , platinum quality"-- -- -- -- -
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